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Vishebility - Feb 2021

"We just want to say thank you so so much for hosting a fantastic webinar. 


I know our guests - and I have personally - gained so much from the session. Thank you for sharing your story too. Everything you presented, you represented. Your authenticity has added another layer to why you do this and people's affinity to you and My Career Couch.


We appreciate you, the work you are doing, those you're transforming and the support you always give. Please let us know if there is ever any way we can help you and the platform.


Thank you so much, Tomi."



Brunel Uni Society- Nov 2020

" As a committee we would like to say thank you for coming and supporting our members with great employability tips and we look forward to having you join again very soon. Here's some of the feedback from our students:

"...A few weeks ago, I started writing my application for the Spring Insight Week & I never finished it because I felt so unsure about everything. Thanks to Tomi I finally know how to write a good CV & Cover Letter & I am more than motivated to get it done now."

"....Tomi was fantastic, her advice provided a lot of clarity on what employers value & dislike. It has helped me structure my CV. I hope we have her back to learn how to market ourselves on LinkedIn."


"...Tomi's cover letter tips were extremely helpful in my search for a grad job. She was lively & enthusiastic about working in HR & that made the talk very enjoyable."


Thank you Tomi" 




The Arizon Network - Nov 2020

"The team and I just wanted to thank you again for agreeing to be a part of Your Money, Your Brand! 


The Webinar went really well ; and a week later our attendees are still raving about your talk. 


We've had such great feedback!


Your passion for all things career, self-development and human resources as well as obvious skill in your craft is inspiring and challenging. The presentation was insightful, real, raw and thought provoking.


As a team, we are grateful for the manner in which you supported us.


Thank you for supporting The Arizon Network! 


We really hope to work with you again in the future."


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