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My name is Tomi & I help black professionals with 0 - 10 years work experience secure job opportunities in The U.K. by;
- Rewriting CVs & Cover Letter
- Optimizing LinkedIn Pages
- Preparing Candidates For Interviews
- Providing Career Advice
So they can launch & grow their careers abroad.

I'm an HR professional with years of experience hiring and firing employees. In those years, I have picked up on the key things successful professionals do that the unsuccessful ones do not, and I decided to start writing down what I learned in order to help you in some way.


I don’t do motivational speeches. I combine mindset, planning and strategy to help you focus on the absolute basics you need to navigate the job market. Through research, lots of trials and even more errors, I keep figuring out how to quickly navigate the career scene and I'll show you that it’s not just amazing grades that get great opportunities.


If you would like to streamline your career strategy with clear objectives and milestones, book a 30-minute conversation and let's get to work!

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