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  • Are you a student or recent graduate?

  • Do you have under 10 years’ work experience of any kind?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the job-hunting process?

  • Would you like to build a professional online presence?

Then this is the place for you. The world of work has changed tremendously in the last 30 years, but most people don’t know how to use this change to their advantage.


It can be easy to get overwhelmed at everything you need to learn about the job-hunting process so to help you focus on putting your best self forward, I’ll teach you the basic things successful professionals do that the unsuccessful ones don’t.

Neat Computer Desk


Making changes to your CV & Cover Letter so they work in your favor

Building a professional LinkedIn presence that gets seen by employers

Interview prep to better impress hiring managers 

Effective networking - the unappreciated hero! 

Setting personalized career goals


My clients have landed career defining roles from companies like....



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Moyo A 

Research Analyst - Goldman Sachs 

"Before using My Career Couch, I had applied to Goldman Sachs 3 times and never gotten past the initial CV and cover letter screening.

Working with My Career Couch changed this narrative. We redrafted my cv and cover letter completely. I believe that taking her advice and making all her suggested changes led me to receive an invitation for the first round of interviews as my work experience and extra-curricular activities were no different from the last time I applied.

Moreover, I had never gotten to the final round interview stage before this experience, and My Career Couch helped prepare me for it. She conducted a series of mock interviews where we went over competency and situational questions.

I cannot stress how useful the session we had the day before my final round interview was. I learnt about how important a role energy and delivery play in face-to-face interviews. One can argue that it is even more important than the content you provide is. I went into the interview with so much confidence and eventually landed my dream internship at Goldman Sachs. All this certainly would not have been done without the help of Career Couch!"


Ore A

Commerical Manager - Deliveroo 

"My Career Couch gave me all the support I needed to navigate the job-hunting process and secure a job in one of my dream companies (in a new industry and in a pandemic!)

The guidance I received was second to none - from reviewing my CV, to optimizing my LinkedIn profile and preparing for my interviews.

I will definitely recommend My Career Couch and I look forward to learning more from this HR Guru!"

woman 6

Didi N

Finance Lead - Exemplas 

My Career Couch was an invaluable source of advice and guidance throughout my recent job search. The job search process for me was initially frustrating, I had been applying for jobs for over a month and wasn’t shortlisted for any interviews. Working with Tomi changed all of that.


I came across this service on Instagram and was impressed with the extensive knowledge regarding recruitment. Tomi took time to examine my CV and identified my skills & strengths which gave me the confidence to assert my abilities throughout my interview process. After using her CV Service, I was shortlisted for 3 interviews and was offered a job within 3 weeks.

Tomi went above and beyond with me and provided further advice regarding networking, which has been useful in helping me to create meaningful connections and building an online presence. Tomi was incredibly professional, patient and very quick to respond to my numerous emails and requests. I cannot thank Tomi enough for all her support which made all the difference in my ability to land a satisfying position. I would highly recommend her services


Asmau A

Sustainability & CSR Advisory- Linklaters 

"I really enjoyed my career in the NGO space. I was growing and learning so much, but the lockdown put things into perspective for me. I came to terms with my “generalist” nature and decided I wanted to try something new. I started my hunt passively in early 2021 with what I eventually found to be a subpar CV that did not speak to my strengths along the lines of the roles that I was applying for. I did not get any interviews for the roles that I was interested in, and the process soon became frustrating. I had tried at least 3 other CV revamp services, but the outcome was always the same. I quickly realized that I needed better quality support if I wanted to make progress.


I came across My Career Couch on LinkedIn and sent  a request. I was quick to send a message and book a consultation. After the consultation, I knew that I needed their services, but I had concerns. What if my experience was the problem? What was the point of a great CV that says nothing that recruiters and hiring managers want to hear? My Career Couch took up my case in every sense. They got me information that I could have never gotten myself. They pushed me to go the extra mile to connect with hiring managers and recruiters and to follow up on my applications. They taught me how to articulate my experience to suit pretty much any context. They were strategic and extremely meticulous in their bid to support me to secure my next opportunity. When I saw what My Career Couch had done with my CV, I became more confident. I started to see myself in roles and firms in a way that I never had before. I started to feel like I could secure a bomb role and that made me take myself more seriously. I gained confidence in my search, and I became a ton more intentional.  


My Career Couch is attentive & a cheerleader. I can be very impatient, so I needed to vent about how long the process was taking. They listened, encouraged me and most importantly, taught me the skills that I needed to articulate my value and skills for any role that I thought was interesting. I went from 0 to 10 interviews with top firms across multiple industries within 3 months. Eventually, an opportunity that I could have never anticipated came through LinkedIn because of changes that My Career Couch recommended me to make on my profile. Their support made all the difference – from my CV to my LinkedIn profile to cheering me on to equipping me with loaded information about who to connect with and what to say. I always recommend their services to anyone that is looking to have a fruitful job hunt"


Lolade B

Test Engineer - Brooks Life Sciences 

"I got a new job offer! In a pandemic! On maternity leave! ...and a 50% pay bump from my current role! 

I applied for another role initially and the recruiter called me the next day saying she wanted me to apply for a more senior role as she saw keywords/key skills that resonated with the company and the role they were hiring for. Two interviews later, I got the job and was asked to ‘name my price’ lol. 


I definitely owe this to My Career Couch! You editing my CV was the best decision I made career wise"


Kunmi C

Consulting Analyst - **One of The World's
Largest Professional Services Firm**  

"This is to thank my Career Couch for your help with redrafting my CV and cover letters highlighting my skills experience & experience. Additionally, for helping revamp my LinkedIn profile and advising on the best way to use it.


Since, the revamp of my LinkedIn profile I have received several messages from Recruiters specifically in my field and I now finally have a job. Till date I still continue to be contacted by recruiters and this is all thanks to the team at my career couch. Thank you very much for all your help and hard work. "

EO Profile Photo.JPG

Ezinne O

HR Assistant - SeeAbility 

"Having taken a few years from work to focus on my new family, I was ready to get start a career in HR.


Despite having a CIPD qualification and experience running an online business, I couldn't secure that seemingly elusive role and that's where My Career Couch came in! At our initial meeting, Tomi worked through my CV with me, refining it till it was targeted to my dream job.


With every job application, Tomi held my hand, drafting my applications and coaching me through interview techniques. She also improved my LinkedIn profile, which helped me secure an HR role and I couldn't be happier.


Thank you Tomi for being so invested in my story and encouraging me all the way.
I would recommend you over and over again.


Folasewa S

Senior Regulatory Analyst  - National Grid 

"I found My Career Couch on Instagram and had been following them for six months before reaching out. I had been toying with the idea of using their service but wasn’t sure they would say anything different from what my University Career Service had told me. I had implemented them but still struggled to get responses to applications. I finally reached out in September 2021. At this point I was tired of being constantly rejected/ghosted by recruiters so I knew I needed a professional to guide me.

The process took three days. We had a conversation about my career objectives and interests and got to work in drafting my master CV. They also explained how to adapt it to future roles. They were also kind enough to provide tips to optimise my LinkedIn (this is not even covered by the CV review service).  Even more, they were helpful after the CV service when I reached out to ask for advice.

I can confidently say that My Career Couch has a gift because my job hunting 100% changed after they helped me. I got called to many interviews just on the basis of my CV. They are also truly passionate about what they do and they know their onions (if you didn’t know, it is owned by an award winning HR professional so you are getting the best service). If you’re job hunting , I’d recommend your reach out to My Career Couch to help. Their services are worth every penny."


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